Ion Exchange Systems & Products


Comprises a family of automatic twin-bed deionizers incorporating state-of-art counterflow ion exchange technology. Operation cycle of these rapid-regeneration, skid-mounted, packaged units are controlled by volume throughput, which is pre-programmed into the PLC according to the type of feed water. The ion exchange resins are never fully exhausted ensuring optimum deionised water production at all time. Regeneration of cation and anion beds is simultaneous, so effluent streams are largely self-neutralising, reducing waste disposal costs and environmental impact.


The dealkalisation process reduces the alkalinity in water. Along with alkalinity, it also reduces hardness and sodium associated with alkalinity. These reductions reflect in the content drop of dissolved minerals in water.

Ion Exchange Resins

Industrial Water Treatment

INDION ion exchange resins used for conventional water treatment applications such as softening, deionisation and dealkalisation are manufactured in an automated ISO 9001 & 14001 certified facility. Lower rinse volumes, high capacity, superior life pattern and proven track record make    INDION resins a preferred choice.

Potable Water Treatment

We manufacture a variety of high purity ion exchange resins designed for the purification of potable water. These resins have very low organic impurities. The applications include softening, water disinfection and nitrate/arsenic/fluoride/iron removal.